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Here is the Latest News


17 December 2023

Meet You By The Bridge is the new Charity Single by Dorset singer-songwriter Emma Gale. An emotional track which pulls at your heartstrings, it highlights the special bond between people and their dogs and is set for release on Friday 17th December
Meet You By The Bridge describes the hardest decision you ever have to make for your pet. Meet You By The Bridge is about letting your pet go to that place called Rainbow Bridge where they will wait for the very special person they have left behind.
All profits raised from Meet You By The Bridge are donated to the Doodle Trust. Emma says, “I hope this song will raise some much-needed funds for charity over Christmas.   I became linked with the Doodle Trust when I fostered two dogs, Oscar and Lily, over Christmas 2011, with the intention that they would just stay for Christmas, however they ended up staying for the rest of their lives. Clearly, Labradoodles are for life and not just for Christmas. I started writing Meet You By the Bridge with song-writer Rachael Miller when Oscar was diagnosed with lymphoma.  I finished and recorded the song when I knew Lily was coming to the end of her life in August 2020. I have wonderful memories of my time with them.”


15 October 2021

Enjoy Life While You Can is the dreamy new single from Dorset singer-songwriter Emma Gale. The soothing track, set for release on Friday 15th October celebrates the moments that make up a lifetime and encourages listeners to enjoy the little things.
Emma cut her teeth as a singer before falling in love with songwriting. She is a self-proclaimed “accidental indie folk artist”, having released her debut single Let’s See What the Earth Has to Say in April 2020 and watching the video become a viral hit.
Emma is currently working with songwriters across the UK and US to write pop tracks and songs for TV and film. Last year she attended accomplished record executive Judy Stakee’s Nashville songwriting retreat and has also taken part in songwriting camps with the likes of Grammy-nominated folk singer Mary Gauthier and Berklee College of Music professor Pat Pattison. She has also received mentorship from LA-based songwriting coach Robin Frederick.  
Enjoy Life While You Can is a mellow track carrying the message that we should live life to the fullest and appreciate the small things. The song was co-written at a songwriting retreat by Emma, John Paul Mason and Chris Pepper.
The vocals and music were recorded during the summer of 2021 in Weymouth, Dorset and at Saltwell Studio in Huntingdon, with the video being recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, where The Beatles recorded most of their music. Emma got the opportunity to record music there as a finalist in the Talent Is Timeless: Songwriting Competition, an age-positive movement promoting the music of older artists.


17 April 2020

Dorset singer songwriter Emma Gale used the Covid-19 lockdown to write and release her debut single, Let’s See What the Earth Has to Say. 

Written, composed, produced and recorded remotely in just one week, the track explores Emma’s take on life in lockdown and our rapidly changing reality. 

Emma’s uplifting vocals can be heard on the single, alongside ukulele by Peter Kirkbride and percussion, bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards, vocals by Chris Pepper. The track is produced by Chris Pepper at Saltwell Studio.

Using the crisis to concentrate on creativity, Emma has created a single which is reflective, soothing and hopeful. It examines how quickly life can change and how nature is thriving now humanity has retreated indoors.

Emma said: “It seems that many of us are struggling to adapt to life at home and it makes you realise that despite feeling like we are in complete control of our lives, we’re actually part of something much bigger. This is the sentiment behind, Let’s See What the Earth Has to Say – it’s about all of us surrendering control and realising we don’t actually need all of the things we once thought we did.

“I never planned to write a song in response to coronavirus, but the time in lockdown has given me the chance to focus on making music, and before I knew it, I had a debut single ready to go. I hope it strikes a chord with people listening from their own homes.”

The single is accompanied by an animated video by Nik Newark which shows the contrast between life now, and life before lockdown.

Emma plans to release her debut album later this year.

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