"Emma Gale wraps the complexities of our time into something simple, plaintive and poignant. In a world of noise and falsehood, here's a few moments of gorgeous, truthful clarity."  Davey Ray Moor, Cousteaux. 

Lets See What the Earth Has to Say was written in lockdown about lockdown.   Emma is a member of a song-a-week internet group which has members from all over the world.   The song was written in haste for a midnight deadline.  The song received so much great feedback Emma was encouraged to take it to producer Chris Pepper.  

Lets See What the Earth Has to Say on

Emma Gale:  Vocals
Peter Kirkbride:  Ukelele

Chris Pepper:  BVs & Instruments

Music & Lyrics by Emma Gale, Produced by Chris Pepper, Video by Nik Newark, Artwork by Martin Roswell, Simply Marvellous, Recorded Saltwell Studios, Huntingdon. 



Sheet Music

Here is the Sheet Music for Lets see What the Earth Has to Say.  The Sheet Music includes Music, Chords, Tabs and Lyrics.

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Weymouth based Emma Gale has put her time in lockdown to great use. Although she has been a regular on the live circuit in her home town, this catchy but poignant ditty marks her debut single. If this catches the ears of BBC Radio 2 producers, Let's See What The Earth Has To Say could be this year's JCB Song.



Beyond the 45

I doubt many debut singles were written, composed, recorded and produced in just one week, let alone from a lockdown situation. Emma Gale did just that for Let's See What The Earth Has To Say, which is inspired by the current Covid 19 situation that has swept across the world this year. Covering the fragility of human existence, this is a song about surrendering control and realising maybe we don't really need what we thought we did. As debuts go this is impressive, and bodes well for her first album coming later in the year.



Emma Gale cut her teeth as a covers singer based in Essex, Cambridge and now Dorset. She decided to move away from singing other people’s songs and attended a songwriting retreat at Bath Spa University. This led her to complete a master’s degree in songwriting last year.  Emma is in the process of completing an album of her own songs and co-writes, working with producer Boo Hewerdine (The Bible & Eddi Reader) and engineer Chris Pepper from Saltwell Studios.

Emma travels all over England and Scotland to co-write with songwriters and has attended courses run by Boo Hewerdine.  Emma went further this year (2020) with a week in Nashville at Judy Stakee’s ‘It Starts With A Song’ songwriting retreat.  Judy was the person who brought Sheryl Crow and Katy Perry to fame. 

Emma says, “I had one of the best weeks of my life, it was amazing.  Spending time with likeminded people is always inspiring but we were 45 minutes from Nashville in a small town called Joelton, staying in a ranch which was absolutely gorgeous.  I met some wonderful people out there and will remember it for the rest of my life.   Some of them were like me and relatively new to songwriting while others were professional artists in New York, LA and Nashville.  My husband was supposed to join me out there with my mother and his parents but because of Coronavirus I had to cut the second week short’. 

Emma is part of the Song a Week internet group run by James Tristian Redding, a songwriter based in Nashville.  Always ready to write, Emma met James for a co-write while she was out there.   As soon as the Coronavirus hit, and everyone was in lock-down the Song a Week group had their first online jam session which included songwriters from all over the world.

The following evening Lets See What The Earth Has To say was written. 



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